About The Tourney

Tournament Overview

Each tournament will be comprised of 4 divisions of 8 teams, each team will have 6-8 skaters. Every game will be 4 on 4, and each team is required to have at least 6 players present at the time of their game. The winning team from each division will have their names engraved on the Barstool Pond Hockey Trophy.

General Rules

Tournament Format & Structure

3 Games + Playoffs (if your team qualifies).

4 divisions based on the skill level that you select when registering.
8 teams per division.
Divisions will be divided into two groups of 4 teams which will be the 3 teams you play.


Important Rules

  • Teams play 3 pool play games. Record and tie breaks determine playoff bids.
  • Top 2 teams per subgroup make playoffs.
  • The top seed from each pool will play the 2nd seed from the opposite pool.
  • The winners of each semi-final game will play in the finals.

Pool Play & Points

Each division will be broken down into 2 subgroups (East & West). Pool play will take place within these subgroups. Each team within a subgroup will play each other one time.

(1v2 1v3 1v4) (2v1 2v3 2v4) (3v1 3v2 3v4) (4v1 4v2 4v3)

After pool play, teams will be ranked based on points.  The top 4 teams will make the playoffs.

  • Wins - 2 Points for each win.
  • Losses - 0 Point for Loss.
  • Ties - 1 Point for Tie.

Pool play games can end in a tie, but playoff games cannot. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, in a playoff game, teams play sudden death, and the next goal wins.

Tie Breakers

If teams have the same record, tie-breakers are as follows, in order of priority:

  • Goal Differential.
  • Goals for.
  • Goals against.